A village in the Kladno region, Czech Republic. 343m above sea level and 479ha in size. The village whose name became a symbol of Fascist atrocity during the Second World War is situated 8Km east of Kladno. Today it has 160 family houses and a home for the elderly giving the village 423 permanent inhabitants, however, it was not always like this.

Lidice's history
  Lidice was just one of many ordinary villages in central Bohemia and had existed since the 13th century. It consisted of a Baroque church in the middle of a courtyard, a road containing a vicarage, a school, and the family houses of miners and iron workers who were employed in nearby Kladno, it was situated just above the surrounding farmland. The occupation of Czechoslovakia by the German army, and but mainly the assaination of Heydrich the German puppet ruler sealed Lidice's fate. Despite the fact that Lidice had no involvement with the assaination the Gestapo found reason for revenge and chose the village for the brutal acts that they were to perform. On the 10th of June 1943 173 men of the village were shot, the women were taken to a concentration camp in Ravensbruck and the children were taken to a camp in Chelmno, Poland where they were all killed apart from a few who were chosen for re-education with German families and were found after the war. In all there were 340 inabitants of Lidice who were victims of the Nazi massacre. The village was burned and levelled to the ground so that by 1943 there was just flat ground. The news of what happened at Lidice spread around the world, and, after the war the Czechoslovakian government decided to build a new village of the same name. In 1947 the foundation stone was laid, and from 1949 life returned to the village as it was slowly built. 

Lidice Today
  After more than 70 years, Lidice offers pleasant and peaceful living in family homes to all its citizens. There is mains water supply and sewerage, recently installed gas and telephone, and currently all pavements are being renewed. 

OAZA Lidice
  A new building in Lidice is "OAZA" - an ecumenical centre of social, cutural and spiritual services. It has 6 sinlge rooms and 2 double rooms within the complex and was built during 1997-1998. In addition it also contains a doctors surgery, library, spiritual area and large communial area. 

  Children of primary school age attend a school in Bustehrad - a small town in close proximity to Lidice. There has been a nursery school in Lidice since 1972, it has a relaxed family atmosphere, having room for 25-30 children. 

Communities and organizations
  Lidice's women and children are members od the Czech union of fighters for freedom.
Fotball team - TJ Sokol Lidice
Brigade of volumteer firemen
Czech fishing union
Czech hunting union - Orel Lidice 

(source: Marek Veselý)
translation: Pavla Nešporová & R.M.Bellis