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    undergo cruel interrogations.  69 suspected of having organized strikes or illegal activity were sent to Terezín-small fortress,  10 of them were taken to the concentration camp Mauthausen, ftom where not a single one returned.
    The Nazi reacted with concentrated terror on this mass-wave of active resistance. Hitler sent to Prague the executive of the Nazi safety police and SD SS Obergruppenführer R. Heydrich to take over the function of the vice Riechs proctor and especially to carry out the drastic measures against the Czech nation.
    On the 28th of September 1941 he proclaimed the summary justice and appointed martial courts with the executive offices of Gestapo in Prague and in Brno.  The seat of Gestapo Prague was also the seat where under the chairmanship of the vice executive was seated SS-Sturmbanführer J.E.Illmer and the police martial court. In fact it was only a new form of terror, because the judgement of the court consisting only of Gestapo was final and without appeal. Immediately on September 28th they were sitting in the bassement in the room which is now know to us under the name of "Cinema". Here they brought the chosen victims from the Pankrác Police prison in order to sent them direct to the palace of execution after short formal dealings, as Gestapo had decided about all in advance.  The first day the representatives of the illegal military organization Defence of the nation the Generals J. Bílý and H. Vojta were put to death by the Court, in the following days the members of the first  illegal CPC central executive O. Synek, the former redactor of Rudé Právo and quite a number of arrested revolters, especially Communists.  The prague Martial Court put to death 486 persons form September 28th 1941 till January 20th 1942 and Illmer sent 2242 persons to concentration camps by his own signature. Those who Gestapo decided would be put to death, had formally been sentected by the martial court, but those who were sent to concntration camps did not even get to know that they were sentenced not being present.

    The Nazis took up again the tested means how to wipe out the opponents in the Czech nation-the Martial Courts-even after the assassination of